Putting The JibberJobber Upgrade Cost Into Perspective

If you upgrade for a month on JibberJobber, it is $9.95. If you choose a one year upgrade, it is $60… or the equivalent to $5/month (that is, a 50% savings).

We work dang hard to provide value to you…. Let’s compare that to other things that you might relate to (some of these are approximates… but reasonably close… If I’m wrong on any of these, leave a comment):

“Limo” ride to airport in most places I’ve been: $75 + expected tip

LinkedIn upgrade: $299/year

Evernote upgrade: 24.99 year

Amazon Prime: $99/year


Hulu: $95.88/year

Inc magazine: $10/year

Costco membership: $55/year or $110/year

Sam’s Club membership: $45/year

Fill up my gas tank: about $40/week

Starbucks, 250 days, @3.50/cup: $875/year

Short cab ride in NYC: $40

Traffic ticket for improper lane change: $120 (don’t ask)

Dinner for four at an average restaurant: $50

Lower cost for dozen roses, delivered: $43.50

Skype (+skypein and voice mail): $36/year

Resume: $500 (give or take a thousand bucks)

Outplacement: $2,000 (give or take a few thousand)

The ladders: $99/year

Beyond.com: $24.95/month

I’m sure I’m missing some things… To those who spend money on JibberJobber, THANK YOU 🙂