New Course: Building and Managing Your Career Plan

This is my 29th Pluralsight course: Building and Managing Your Career Plan.

This course is a good complement to Career Management 2.0, which I did in 2013. The Career Plan course is all about figuring out where you want to go, and creating and working a plan to get there. Career Management is more about rethinking job security and your role in your career path.

This new course is only 95 minutes long. Every time you watch it you can a few days of premium JibberJobber . Just turn on the course tracker in JibberJobber and let us know you’ve watched it there.

Not a Pluralsight user?  That’s okay… I can hook you up with a 30 day unlimited trial. Each time you watch a Jason Alba (that’s me!) course, you can self-report and get a few days of JibberJobber upgrade.  Watch a course, get a JibberJobber upgrade… again, and again, and again.

Pluralsight is an awesome library of learning content, mostly for IT professionals (developers, server admins, SQL pros, graphics designers, etc.).  There are over 100 soft skills and professional development courses in the library,  and almost 30 of them were done by me 🙂

Get started in just a minute or two with these instructions, and then self-report for JibberJobber upgrades.