“Outsourcing the job search may feel calm…” #jobsearch

jacqui-barrett-poindexterJacqui Barrett-Poindexter is a friend and career professional. She wrote How to Keep Your Eye on Your Career Destination Prize (blog post).  Here’s a great quote that she put on Facebook, from her blog post:

“Outsourcing the job of job search may feel calm, as you are head-down, performing the assigned tasks. However, this method of career management can derail you–and your career–if not kept in check. You must commandeer your own job search. Strategically enlist people, tools and processes to help arrive at your personally prescribed destination …”

Yes, you can outsource it. But don’t do it blindly.  Don’t stay hands-off.

And when she says “strategically enlist tools,” let me recommend JibberJobber as THE tool to help you organize and manage your job search. 🙂