Aetna Jobs In Florida, California, and Montana

I have a dream and a vision to revolutionize career management. I’ve been living that dream for ten years.  Executing on the dream means identifying areas for improvement and new thinking, and executing what’s identified.

I know it is crazy to think this way, but why let the big guys define how we should do things?

With that, we’re working on a new kind of job board experience.  We’ll roll it out in phases this year and next year.  The very first phase is just getting job postings up and running on JibberJobber.  And today I want to share three that were just posted:

Medical Field Case Manager, for Aetna, in Billings, Montana.

Medical Field Case Manager for Aetna, in the Los Angeles, California area.

Disability Nurse Case Manager for Aetna, in Plantation, Florida.

What’s so revolutionary about those job postings on JibberJobber.  Not much. They are job postings that you could likely find elsewhere.

But this is our first step. If you want to see awesome, just wait. And if you can’t wait, let’s get on a call and we’ll chat about it.  Just email me (