What is an Action Item #JibberJobber

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Today, let’s power up the Log Entry and make it a lot more important. When we create a Log Entry, we are usually creating an opportunity to follow-up.

When you create a Log Entry, you can make it an Action Item by simply adding a due date.  That is, put a date that you will take action on, or follow-up on, the Log Entry.  From yesterday’s example, in The Good Log Entry, we put these two lines:

He will follow-up with an email introduction, Said that if I don’t hear back from him by Monday then call him.


He also said he would introduce me to some contacts at the Product Management Association chapter that I really need to talk to. Didn’t have names, but follow-up on week of 4/18.

The Good Log Entry was definitely good.  But what if we just log stuff, and never do anything with it?

That’s where Action Items come in. A few years ago I was talking with a user who said “JibberJobber is my follow-up tool.”  YES! That’s exactly where the value of JibberJobber is!  It’s not just organizing and tracking.  It’s not a file cabinet to just put stuff in and never do anything with the stuff.  The value is that we have stuff, and we act on the right things at the right times!

The next step, on creating that Good Log Entry, is to simply put a Due Date.  Let’s say it’s for 4/18.  Then, you can get reminders at various places. Premium users can get reminders in their email, and in some countries, their text messaging.  Otherwise, on JibberJobber you’ll see a few reports or widgets where you can see your Action Items.

We want JibberJobber to be your follow-up tool. Anyone who has been an active job seeker for more than a couple of weeks knows how crazy hard it can be to keep up on everything you are doing… and almost everything could use some TLC in the form of a follow-up.

That’s where JibberJobber comes in.

Can you create an Action Item with Email2Log? Yes! Just put a line like this anywhere in the body of the email:


The ____ can have a date, like 4/18/2016, or something like this: +4 days.



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