Follow Your Passion: What Kind of Advice Is That?

I’m intrigued by the advice I’ve heard for decades to simply “follow my passion.” Do that, and the money will follow, they say.

I have to disagree.

I don’t think that you have to discard, or put away, your passion, but I do not think that we will all be able to make a living by doing what our passion is.  Sometimes, our passion is something that we can’t do (like me playing professional basketball or football), or the passion is not monetizable.  Okay, maybe if you are creative you could monetize pretty much anything, but some things might be (a) hard to monetize, or (b) not ripe for monetization (in other words, you can’t make much money doing it).

So, what do we do?  Resolve to work in a field that we can’t stand?

No, I’m not saying that either.

The message I’d like to give is that if you find work in a field that you are not passionate about, it doesn’t mean your life is a failure.  Let me present an idea to you:

Find your passion outside of your job.

Plenty of people go to work, take pride in what they do, are okay with it, and then spend their non-working ours pursuing their passion.  Maybe they volunteer, or paint in their home, or join clubs, or whatever…

My point is, if you haven’t found your passion, or you aren’t in a field you are passionate about, you aren’t necessarily a loser, and you might not be wasting your time.

You can certainly choose how and where you’ll spend your time, outside of the office.