What’s up our sleeve #JibberJobber

Last week I sent this out to my LinkedIn Groups… 

A popular newsletter I sent out a while back had updates that were only 140 characters. Here’s big stuff we are working on, in 140 chars or less. Please email me (Jason@JibberJobber.com) if we can chat about anything below. Please note that #1 is U.S. only.

1. We have been onboarding sales reps for our new job board. I’m looking for people who are motivated by earning money. Email me for more.

2. I hired a UX designer who’s really taking JibberJobber to task. He’s focused on your needs. It’s exciting seeing what he’s coming up with!

3. I brought on a new developer. We have so much work to do, and this new developer should help us get more of the right stuff done, quicker.

4. Our mobile apps, version 1, are awesome. We want more feedback – please download them from the app store(s) and tell us how to improve.

5. My latest Pluralsight course, How to Talk to Business Leaders, will earn you TWO free weeks of JibberJobber premium through the weekend. Act now!

6. Our job board is live. I’m looking for recruiters and those who post jobs to learn more about this space. Please email me if we can talk.

7. At our core is STILL the job seeker, the person who feels disorganized and perhaps hopeless. We will always design with them (you) in mind.

As you can see, I tried to keep these points short. If you need more information, email me: Jason@JibberJobber.com. I’d love to talk.

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Jason Alba
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