6 Great Tech Tools for Job Seekers (from Recruiter.com)

Recruiter.com included JibberJobber in their list of great tech tools for job seekers. Check out the paragraph or two on each of these tools at Next-Level Job Search: 6 Great Tech Tools for Job Seekers.

  1. LearnUp. Job skills training, career coaching, automatic interview scheduling for entry-level job seekers.
  2. Jobscan.co. Analyzes job descriptions and your resume to tell you how they stack up. Free for up to 5 matches, about $90/year for more. JibberJobber has some of this functionality (read here), but jobscan is very cool and more comprehensive then our version 1 attempt.
  3. Page Monitor. Tells you when something on a website has changed. Personally, I would suggest you forego checking page changes at this degree and just go out and network.
  4. SnapDat. Allows you to exchange contact info from one iphone to another. I can’t figure out how to find it in the store, though…
  5. Woo.io. Put together a wish list of your ideal job… and then they send you jobs/companies that match.  Very cool concept… I have never heard of them, though.
  6. JibberJobber. For obvious reason, this is a tech tool I can stand behind! 🙂