New Course, New Incentive (share this)

I just shared this on my LinkedIn Groups:

Pluralsight just published my latest course: How to Speak to Business Leaders. The link is below.

I’m trying something new… instead of just one week of JibberJobber premium for watching this course, for the next two weeks, I’ll give you two weeks of JibberJobber premium. This is still on the honor system… all you do is turn on the Tracker, and click the “viewed” button twice (and you’ll get 14 days added to your JibberJobber account).

Take advantage of this special once, you get 14 days. Do it twice, you get almost a month. Do it 10 times, you get 140 days. The math is simple. I doubt you can listen to this course 10 times (lest you might go crazy hearing me talk about the same thing too much!) so check out any of the other 27 courses I have published – each of them gives you one week of Premium each time you watch it. Questions? Let me know.

To access the course FOR FREE, turn click this first link to turn on the tracker – it walks you through the 45 seconds it takes to set up a free 30 day Pluralsight account (no credit card required, no bait and switch!), and then you have access to all of my courses…

Turn on the tracker:

The new course:

All of my courses:

Feel free to share this with anyone and everyone, thank you!

Jason Alba
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