Fear drives us more than we should let it.

Unfortunately, it might drive us to paralysis, where we don’t make that phone call, invite someone to lunch, ask someone for a favor or introduction.

In the first few months of JibberJobber, I was wet-behind-the-ears and highly optimistic. I wrote a press release, not having any idea what I was doing. Much to my surprise, some of “the right” people read it, which opened doors and started very interesting conversations.

A few months later it was time to write the next press release, but I sat staring at my monitor, struck with fear. What should I write? How should I write it? What if I do it wrong?  I had realized that people would actually read the press release, and if I did it right I could reap terrific rewards.  If I did it wrong I might doom my company.  Guess what I did…


I didn’t write a press release for at least twelve months. I was too afraid of messing it up.  Worse than messing it up, I did nothing.

This month I expect to roll out a new program. It is a program to empower JibberJobber users in a way that is unprecedented.  I get goosebumps just thinking about what we will offer, and how it can help people.

But honestly, I’m afraid. What if no one tries it? What if people try it but no one succeeds? What if it’s a huge bust?

I don’t think it will be. Even if only one person participates, it will be a great thing for that one person (I hope!). But I want hundreds, thousands of people to participate, and see great personal and professional benefit.

I feel like fear is paralyzing me, though. Right this very minute.  The devil’s advocate “what if” questions are real, and scary.

But I won’t sit on this like I did with the second press release. As soon as the developers have everything ready, I’ll make the announcement.  Whether I have goosebumps, a pit in my stomach, or a healthy mix of both 🙂

What is fear keeping you back from doing?