Emails You Receive… How to Log Them Into JibberJobber?

I got this question from Leigh:

“How do you use Email2Log to add emails you receive into JibberJobber?”

This is a great question. There are a few ways to get an email into JibberJobber… let me review them:

Email2Log: when sending an email to a person

Anytime you send an email to someone, and you want to log that email into JibberJobber, use Email2Log like you normally would. This is a premium feature, but it’s easy to get Premium (you can watch my videos on Pluralsight, and for each course you watch (which you would otherwise pay $50 for from JibberJobber), you can get another 7 day upgrade). There is no limit on how many weeks you get – just be honest about how many times you watch my courses. Here’s how you do this.

Email2Log: when NOT sending an email to a person

Let’s say that you have an email in your inbox and you want that email to end up in JibberJobber, but you DO NOT want to send a reply to the person who sent it to you. You can simply FORWARD the email to JibberJobber… it’s super easy, but there is a little bit of trickery to ensure you have the control you want (for example, let’s say that the email was sent to 10 people… but you only want it to be associated to one person… the trickery I speak of let’s you have control over that). Simply reference this post from 2012, titled What to do if you forget to BCC to JibberJobber?

How can you do it without using Email2Log?

Okay, no Email2Log. You want to go old school. Simply go into your email, copy the text you want in the Log Entry, and then go into JibberJobber and create the Log Entry (with the proper associations), and paste that text there. Simple.  Just takes longer than the Email2Log option.

So there you go… it’s pretty easy to do this stuff.  If you want help with Email2Logs, or Log Entries, or anything, first check out the videos in the Getting Started section, here.