This Is What Job Descriptions Should Look Like

I’ve been on the phone with recruiters lately, and one of them really made me think differently about job descriptions.

Actually, I have already thought differently about job descriptions (my thoughts: they stink)… he helped me understand what they should be.  And then I read this post from 2010 on Ask The Headhunter, by Nick Corcodilos: Now THIS is a job description.

HOLY MOLEY. This is what Nick is talking about. I read the whole post… well, except for the link out to the real, technical, sanitized job description.

You know what? It’s not a job description. I don’t get a detailed idea of what I’d do in that job. But I do get a great idea of what it would like to be to work there, and with that team, and by the end of what Nick was talking about I’m thinking I HAVE TO WORK HERE!

Not really, because I’m busy running JibberJobber, but I seriously was thinking how freaking cool it would be to work there.

My head is in job descriptions, and how to make them better for job seekers, which should make the hiring process just a little smoother for everyone.  We’ll see if anyone out there trying to do this gets traction.  Nick’s post is 5 years old… and I haven’t seen anyone do anything as cool as Joey’s.