How to Be a Better Mentor, How to Be a Better Mentee (new Pluralsight Courses)

I recently finished two courses on mentoring (HERE), one is for mentors, the other is for mentees (HERE).  I hope that all of us can say that we have a mentor, even if it is an informal mentor.  And don’t underestimate who you are: I’m sure others are looking at you thinking you are their mentor.

The problem is that we are not trained to be mentors or mentees.  I have always heard “get a mentor” but I have never been in a class that talks about what to do to be a better mentee.  And being a mentor? It’s like you are all on your own, left to figure out how to do it and what to do.

These two courses were designed to help you be much more strategic, purposeful, and effective in your mentoring. Finally, some training.  There are three great options you have for getting access to these courses:

  1. If you haven’t done so yet, use the 30 day pass we offer through JibberJobber, to watch an unlimited amount of Pluralsight courses.  You can get started within a few minutes, don’t need a credit card, and as a bonus, for every Jason Alba course you watch, you can claim another 7 day upgrade on JibberJobber.  Watch the same course 5 times?  Claim 5*7 days of upgrade on JibberJobber!  Here’s a video that shows you how to get your 30 day pass and claim the upgrades on JibberJobber.
  2. If you’ve already used your 30 day pass, let me encourage you to pay $30 for another month.  $30 for this type of training, and the ability to watch as many courses as you want, is very inexpensive. You’ll have unlimited access to all of my courses (23 published right now), and any of the 4,000+ other courses… and you can pay $30 month-to-month.
  3. You might work at a company that already has some licensed seats that would give you access to Pluralsight.  If you don’t, talk to your boss and have them contact the Pluralsight sales team. There are discounts for companies that buy multiple seats, and you might be able to have this training at your fingertips because of your employer’s training budget!  I can put you in touch with some Pluralsight sales people if you want an introduction.

So there you go… free, or $30 out of your pocket, or using your employer’s training budget. Any way you do it, it’s a great, great deal. Below is the video showing you how to get free access, and free JibberJobber upgrades: