Understanding the Pluralsight Tracker

You’ve probably heard of the ability to get 30 days of Pluralsight through JibberJobber, and each time you watch a Jason Alba course, you can get another seven days Premium upgrade.  This is a self-service process… you can watch a short video below the image, showing you how to do this… in this post I wanted to share how the Course Tracker works (yes, we are changing the name from Video Tracker to Course Tracker).  Each point corresponds with the appropriate red number on the image below.

If you don’t know how to get to the tracker, watch the video below the image, or click Tools on the main menu, then Pluralsight Videos.

  1. This counter shows you how many days you have left, according to when you turned the video on. It might be off a day or two, depending on when you actually go into the Tracker.
  2. These instructions explain that… so you don’t think you still have a day left and are really out of your 30 days.
  3. This is your unique code to get your 30 day pass… we put this here for the people who didn’t sign up on Pluralsight, but turned the tracker on.  Oops!
  4. This shows you how many of the courses you have watched (but not how many times you have watched them). Right now there are 21, and I’ve watched 3 of them. Even after you get to 100% you can still watch and rewatch courses and get the week-long upgrades…
  5.  This text shows you how many weeks (or days) of upgrade you have gotten, and what the date is that your JibberJobber account should go back to Regular.
  6. This shows one of the courses… you can click on the title or the link to get to the course and start watching it (assuming you are logged into Pluralsight).
  7. This is the button to say you have watched a course. Note that I’ve clicked on this eyeball icon three times, which means I’ve watched the course three times (and gotten three one-week upgrades).
  8. This red 0 shows that I haven’t watched this course yet.  Please remember you have to come back into the course tracker and self-report, since we are not tied into Pluralsight’s tracking tools.

Pretty easy, huh? More important than that, great training is at your fingertips, for free. If you choose to continue your account at Pluralsight, you can do so for $29/month, and you can still come back into JibberJobber and claim more week-long upgrades!


Here’s the video that shows how all of this works (including getting your own Pluralsight account):