How To: Lose A Job Offer

Alison Doyle has a great post on About Careers titled 10 Tips for Keeping It Professional When Job Searching. Keeping it professional is, in my mind, translated to not messing things up.  Here are her tips – go to this page to see what she says about each of them, and then make sure you are not messing things up!

  1. Avoid TMI
  2. Don’t be a creep!
  3. Use proper grammar, not acronyms
  4. Compose professional emails
  5. Develop a personal rapport, but don’t go to far
  6. Mind your social media presence
  7. Use appropriate channels of communication
  8. Act appropriately at a cafe, bar, or restaurant interview
  9. Don’t make jokes on your cover letter or resume
  10. Don’t be a slob

All common sense stuff, right?  There’s a reason why this is an important article!

If that was helpful, check out her article on building rapport during a job interview.