JibberJobber + Pluralsight

I sent this to the JibberJobber LinkedIn Group yesterday:

Hey all, this message clarifies some things about Pluralsight courses and JibberJobber upgrades.

JibberJobber is owned by me. Pluralsight is not. That shapes what we are able to offer to you 🙂 Please share this with others – there are many people who could benefit from what I share below.

You have a free-for-life account on JibberJobber. There is an optional upgrade. Most people upgrade for the killer app: Email2Log. This integrates your email activities with your JibberJobber database. It’s super duper cool.

Pluralsight has given us access codes that we can give to each of you so you get 30 days of unlimited content viewing on Pluralsight.com. There are over 4,000 courses, most of them technical (programming, design, etc.).I have about 20 courses that are related to your career (informational interviews, LinkedIn, job search, career management, branding, etc.).

Each time you watch one of my courses on Pluralsight.com you can report it on JibberJobber and get a few days of additional JibberJobber Premium. For example, you watch the Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile course, go into JibberJobber, report it, and get additional JibberJobber upgrade. If you watch it again, get more days. If you watch the same course five times, you accumulate more upgrade days! There is not limit to this. You can get weeks and weeks and even months of free upgrades.

This is quite easy to do… just watch this video to see the steps.  (video embedded below)

After 30 days, you will have the option to continue your Pluralsight account. If you are in a technical field (IT, programming, project management, product management, etc.) I think it makes a lot of sense. The price is $30/month. However, if you only went there for the Jason Alba videos, there’s no obligation to pay after 30 days. They don’t even send you a bunch of harassing emails to try to get you to upgrade.

I can’t extend your 30 days for you on Pluralsight. I don’t have the authority or power to do that. If you get past your 30 days, you can pay $30 for another 30 days. That’s actually pretty inexpensive for what you get.

My advice is to take advantage of every minute you have during the 30 days. Watch all of my videos. Watch them three times each. Get your fill. Take notes. Watch them again. If you do that, you will have “sharpened your saw” (Covey’s 7th habit), and you will be ready to move forward. If you choose to pay for an account on your own, make learning a scheduled part of your day so you get the full benefit of your Pluralsight account.

Again, please share this with others, as there are many people who could use either the online courses and training, or the awesome JibberJobber organizational functionality. Or, both.

You should know that if you watch any of my videos on Pluralsight, I get a very small kickback (even if you never pay them). I get compensated because I have provided them content, and I have introduced you to their platform. It’s a win-win for all of us. Thank you!

Jason Alba
CEO of JibberJobber.com