The 10 Hour Job Search… ?

In 2009 I wrote a charged blog post titled The 10 Hour Job Search – Seriously.  There are over 30 comments on that post… some of them agreeing with me, some thinking I was crazy.

In the post I suggested things to do where you could easily spend 45 hours.  Realize that my take on this differs if you are working full-time, or if you are a tiny town where no one networks, or [insert your special circumstance here].  The spirit of my post, though, is that just because someone at an outplacement company says that the average job seeker spends 10 hours a week in the job search, that does not mean that you have to be average.

Also, realize that all of the stats you read about “job seekers” would be a lot more accurate if they were more reflective of you: your industry, your level, your title, the companies you want to work at, the community they live in (size, kinds of jobs), etc.

The point: don’t be average!

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