Sometimes, the grass really is greener

Today I walked by my neighbor’s horses and thought “I gotta get my camera!”  I missed the shot, but the one below was good enough to show my point.  THE SHOT was when the black horse, which is in the background on the right, was looking at the brown horse enjoying his food.  It was an awesome contrast to see the brown one enjoying life, and the black one looking utterly bored on his no-greens side.


I talk to people all the time who wonder how green the grass is on the other side of the fence.  Sometimes it is, many times it isn’t.

Instead of focusing on that, though, let’s focus on the non-green side… the right side.  We’re not talking about jumping from greenish to super-green… in this situation we’re talking about the difference between bleak, scarce, horrible to life-sustaining.

Sometimes the opportunities are better, but looking at where we are, we’re discrediting ourselves.

Of course, there will be another field with greener grass… but sometimes the change you need to make IS definitely to the other pasture, where the grass is green enough.

Companies have already drawn defined loyalty for us… we don’t need to worry too much about crossing a company.  Heck, the person who feels crossed will likely not be there in three years…

As I have always said to my employees, you have to do what’s best for you and your family.  And sometimes that means leaving my field and going to something better.

* This doesn’t apply to my team right now – I want them to stay around for many more years 🙂 🙂