The Great America Road Trip (JibberJobber Presentations)

I’m feeling antsy… maybe it’s cabin fever.  Maybe it’s the crazy low gas prices.  But I’m ready to get on the road and do some presentations.  My favorite presentation is Career Management 2.0.  It is fun, and eye-opening, and encouraging… maybe even a little motivating.  A very popular presentation is anything on LinkedIn, since I wrote THE BOOK on it 🙂

This summer, I’m planning on going on a trip.  Email me and I’ll give you dates and specific times/places, but for the most part I’ll be driving from Salt Lake City towards New York City, and then down to Virginia, and then back to Salt Lake City.

I want to speak at job clubs… these are typically groups of around 50 – 200 people that meet weekly.  They don’t have a budget for speakers.  That’s okay.  While I don’t “sell” during my presentations, I find that people want to get my stuff, so I respect the “no selling!” rule, but I do make it easy for people to buy… which means I offer packages and stuff for people who come.

If you are in or around any of the following cities, and you know about job clubs I could visit, let’s talk. I need introductions to the people who run the show.  Without an introduction I find they are typically very closed and protective of their group… with an introduction, it’s a different conversation.  Here are some ideas of where I plan to be (the map is tentative):


Any city in Nebraska,  Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio along I-80/I-90

  • Chicago
  • Cleveland
  • Buffalo
  • Rochester
  • Philadelphia
  • New York City
  • Baltimore
  • D.C.
  • Northern Virginia

Coming back home, we might go on more of a southern tour… so cities along I-70 or I-40.

Do you live anywhere near these areas?  Can you make introductions?  If so, email me (Jason at JibberJobber dot com).