Using JibberJobber with a Virtual Assistant, Spouse, Friend, Cousin, etc.

Ron, a returning user, had a great question:

“Can a virtual assistant get access to my account simultaneously as me?”

This questions reminds me of a thought we had many years ago, in 2006.  The idea was that in our job search we have people who we might be very close to, and have 100% trust in, who could help us in our job search.

For example, let’s say your mom, or son, or spouse, is the right person to help you with your job search?  You can do a few different things:

Option 1: Add them to your Email2Log list of people approved to use your Email2Log email address.

Notice below I have added Liz, who I work very closely with, to use my Email2Log.  This means that if she sends an email, and includes MY Email2Log address, it will add Contacts and Log Entries under my JibberJobber account.  She can also forward emails to my JibberJobber account and have the same affect.


Option 2: If this person is super-trusted, give them your username/password.

They will login as you, and can do anything that you do.  The problem with this is that it might get a little confusing keeping track of what data is added by who.  For example, who added a new Contact? Who added what Log Entry?  If they use the same login, you can’t track that because as far as JibberJobber knows, it is you.

If you do this, I recommend you use sound password practices and use a totally unique to this account, so that if you have a falling out, they don’t have a password to login to your other stuff, like your bank account or email.

Option 3: Have your trusted associate (ie, assistant, relative, etc.) create their own JibberJobber account, and then share data between the two accounts.

Personally I wouldnt’ recommend this right now because it’s not as robust and smooth as it could be, but it does maintain privacy between the two accounts.  Two accounts can share information from one to another… this is on our list of enhancements.  It “works,” but is not as awesome as it could be.

If you want specific features that we don’t have?  Let us know using the Contact form.