What’s New in JibberJobber!

Last week we did a release that fixed a few bugs here, cleaned up a few bugs there.  I shared this on Friday with my JibberJobber LinkedIn Group (click here to join).

Here are three new features that you should know about:

The List Panels have been optimized to be faster.

Instead of taking a few seconds to load my Contacts List Panel (I have a lot of contacts, so it sometimes took six or seven seconds to load), it’s now taking about one second.  I’m guessing you won’t notice this if you have less than a thousand records in any List Panel, but if you have more than that you should notice it’s just generally faster.

Faster = a great enhancement!

The Log Entry window now allows you to put in “rich text.”

This means you can make part of your Log Entry highlighted, bold, italicized, hyperlinked, etc. You can also link to images, so if you find an image you like somewhere online, you can show it in the Log Entry.


Tracking your Action Items is smarter with the Action Item Notifier (this was not mentioned in my LinkedIn Group Announcement).

 This is what you’ve seen since we introduced this feature – a count of all of the open Action Items coming up in one week, on almost every page of JibberJobber:


When you went to a Contact, Company or Job Detail Page, it would change to the number of open Action Items for that particular record… so you might see 4 most of the time, then go to a Contact’s page and see 0.  Confusing, huh?  We changed that so that if you are on a Contact, Company or Job Detail Page, you’ll see the number of open Action Items for that record, and the number of total open Action Items, like this:


This shows that I have 4 open Action Items, and one of them is tied to this particular Contact, Company or Job.

There were a number of other miscellaneous enhancements and fixes. If you requested a fix or had a problem, Liz should have already emailed you about the fix.

Waiting for something cool to be in JibberJobber? Contact us!