Your Email Address Might Be The Reason You Aren’t Getting Interviews

Not sure if that title is a real sentence, but the message is REAL.

Last week on Facebook a friend of mine who has done a lot of hiring since I’ve known him made a snarky comment about people who use a hotmail email address when they apply for a job at his company.

It reminded me of my own snarky blog post from August of 2006 (JibberJobber was just a few months old at that time… this was eight years ago!) titled: – does it matter?

In this eight-year-old blog post, I give my opinion (read: OPINION) about what your email provider says about you.  I talk about gmail, juno, aol, hotmail, mac, your employer, and your own private domain name.

1. What do you use?

2. What do you think?  Are people really judging others based on the email address – the part after the @ symbol – and perhaps discounting you as someone who is obviously behind-the-times?

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