Massive Microsoft Layoffs Today?

Supposedly Microsoft is supposed to layoff another group of the 18,000 layoffs announced this summer.  A whole lot of smart and talented people are about to become your competition.

Update: looks like 2,100 got the ax today.

What does this mean for you?

Get serious about JibberJobber.

JibberJobber is follow-up.

JibberJobber is informational interviews.

JibberJobber is effective job search.

They’ll probably spin their wheels for a few months doing what new job seekers normally do: lick their wounds, cry a bit, get their resumes “ready,” apply to jobs on job boards.

During this time you can move forward, doing the effective things in a job search.  Stay focused, keep networking purposefully, increase your quantity and quality of informational interviews, and get closer to the hiring managers who can get you in.  You can own the hidden job market, if you play it right.

Oh yeah, I would also look at Microsoft’s job boards… they’ll lay off through one door but hire new talent through another door…. maybe you’ll be one of the newbies there?