JibberJobber and Long Term Career Management

On my Focus Friday call this morning, which was 10 minutes of focus and 20 minutes of awesome Q&A (thanks everyone!), Norm made this comment:

I noticed in your latest blog post that you focus on JibberJobber as ‘job search tool’ vs. ‘career management.’

I Think it’s important to let people know that it’s good for both (not just for when you’re job searching).  If you’re savvy, you should ALWAYS be thinking about your next job.

Yes, Norm is 1,000% right.  I’ve seen it over and over again.  The people who are secure in their job lose it.  The people who have recently found their dream job lose it.  The people who are in a job they don’t really like, but the money and benefits are too good, lose it.

A SVP in HR in a huge, huge company told me a few years ago that they try to impress upon everyone in their company something to this effect: “within four years you won’t be here anymore.”  Whether that is up to the company, or the employee, we need to start thinking about career management.

That’s why JibberJobber is such an important, critical part of the new normal with regard to your career.

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