How To: Last Action Column on the List Panels (follow-up tool!)

When is the last time you communicated with your target audience (or family, or coworkers, or prospects, or hiring managers, or recruiters)?

We recently fixed the Last Action column on the List Panels (Contacts, Companies, Jobs).  You can turn this column on by clicking on the Manage Columns icon (and then finding the Last Action column):


Once you turn it on, you’ll see it wherever you put it (you can drag it around on the Manage Columns page, so it can be in the right column/position).  The date will be the last time you communicated with that person, based on your Log Entries.  If you click on the date, it will open the Log Entry in a shadow box, and from there you can edit it, or print it.


I use this column when I’m trying to figure out who, in a subset of people, I need to reach out to.  For example, when I’m talking to career center professionals, I’ll filter my search (tags:university_career), and then order by (click the triangle icons below or to the side of any column to order by that column).  This will show me the ones who I have contacted by descending or ascending order.  Very useful!