What Happens to JibberJobber When the Economy Recovers?

Let’s say there is this awesome day when we are not unemployed, the economy is smokin’ hot… and no one is in job search. (like that will happen, even when things are good, they won’t be good)

What happens to JibberJobber then?  Here are some options:

  1. We lose all our users and we go away…
  2. We get more users.

I don’t think the economy will ever recover to a point where there are not people who are unemployed.  People will continue to enter the workforce, get fired, get laid-off, get Enroned (you know, what happened to the people who used to work at Enron), be affected by shifting products or industries, etc.  Somehow, things will happen that are out of our control where we find ourselves on the street, looking for a job.

But let’s say that utopia really does happen, and there really is no unemployment.  In that world I can image people will still need to have and nurture relationships to help them move to where they want to be.  This could be a lateral move to another company (or within their own company), or a promotion.  Or maybe their circumstances changed and they are ready for less responsibility… how do those changes happen?

The same way they happen now: through who you know, who knows you, and what they know about you.

That, my friends, is JibberJobber.

Not to mention you could continue to use JibberJobber to organize and manage non-professional relationships (family, friends), and make sure you nurture those relationships.

JibberJobber never has been a band-aid solution to help you just get your next job.  Jobs come and go. Your long-term career is what this is all about.

Not using it yet?  Today is a great day to get started!