How To Do A Confidential Job Search With JibberJobber

A common question I hear is “how do I do a confidential job search?”  On LinkedIn, specifically, you need to make sure that your Profile doesn’t somehow or in any way say “hire me!”  There are ways to do that so your employer doesn’t get the idea that you are looking for, open to, or anxiously waiting for a new job.

But what about JibberJobber?  If I get a JibberJobber account, what can my employer find out about me?

The short answer is NOTHING.

JibberJobber doesn’t have a “profile,” like you see on LinkedIn.  Where a google search for someone’s name will likely show a link to their LinkedIn Profile, they won’t see anything from JibberJobber… because right now we don’t have Profiles.

They also can’t see anything you are doing in JibberJobber.  They can’t see if you enter data, or what data you enter.  You see, JibberJobber is a private-to-you system.

You can share information with people you trust, but you have to approve the sharing.  We hardly talk about that, and people don’t know about it (read: it’s a hidden feature).

For now, though, using JibberJobber is a part of your hidden job search strategy.

The only thing I’ll say, though, is DO NOT user JibberJobber at your office.  If they are logging your internet traffic (they are, they are!), they’ll see you are going there (and probably to LinkedIn excessively, and Indeed, right??), and it won’t take a rocket scientist to figure out you are looking for other stuff.

So there you go – you can do your job search, confidential or not, with JibberJobber 🙂