Focus Friday Webinars: 10 Minute JibberJobber Trainings

I have been piloting a program for a few months that I’m now ready to bring to the masses.

Each Friday morning (with a few exceptions – travel, holidays, etc.) I do a Focus Friday webinar where I spent 10 minutes on one particular topic or feature in JibberJobber.

For example, last Friday we spent 10 minutes on the Interview Prep area of JibberJobber. In that 10 minutes you understood the HOW and the WHY.

I love these 10 minute webinars because you can get better at JibberJobber, and your own career management, with very little commitment. 10 minutes, that’s all.  Come when you can, don’t come when you can’t.

Sign up at the link below, once, and you’ll get an email with a reminder and link each week.  If you can’t come, just delete the email.  Unsubscribe at any time.

Feel free to share this link in your LinkedIn Groups and job clubs 🙂