“The Salesforce for Job Seekers”

I was on a call with a savvy user in Austin, TX who recently found JibberJobber.  He has been a Salesforce.com user and said that JibberJobber is the “Salesforce for job seekers.”

Aside from the fact that JibberJobber has features/functions that are geared towards your professional career management (like the Interview Prep and the Job Journal), there is something else that is really important.  Critically important.

If you have a Salesforce.com account, or a highrise account, or any other CRM account, provided to you by your employer, guess what happens to the account and data (aka, your contacts) when you terminate employment?

That’s right… it’s gone. It’s not yours, it is theirs.

The contacts and relationships are still yours, of course.  That one human being can say hi to another human being is not something they can take away (except for, you know, non-competes, etc.).  But the data – phone numbers, emails, etc. is GONE. Inaccessible.

Your JibberJobber account is YOURS, for life.  You know you can optionally upgrade and downgrade, and you never lose your records.  It is yours through company and job changes.  It is yours when you are unemployed, employed, and even retired.  It is not the property of a company, that can take it away like they can take your paycheck away.

JibberJobber is your empowerment tool.  It is your long-term career manager.  Salesforce is a cool tool that you get when you have a job, provided by your company, and it’s temporary to you.  When you leave, it is gone.

JibberJobber is not gone.  It is there for you for the rest of your career.

That’s pretty cool empowerment!