Make the time to get better, even during your job search!

I’m finishing up a webinar with the Publicity Hound on how to write better… the guy writes at

I’ve been writing for YEARS.  I’ve written three books and thousands of blog posts.  I’ve written articles and been paid to write white papers.  I’ve loved writing since I can remember, in high school.

And from this webinar, I learned a ton.  I have a lot to change.  And it made me think, even though I’m “accomplished” in writing… I need to keep “sharpening my saw.”

Writing, and communication, is about persuasion, and I have more to learn, and have to get better.

I’m guessing you do to. I know that as a job seeker you are anxious to get a job, and anything that is not related to getting a job feels like you are stealing time from yourself and your family.

I felt like exercising was stealing from my job search.  How pathetic is that?

You know what I’m talking about.  Let me suggest that you, like I, have much to learn, and you can grow and get better in whatever your area of expertise is.

TAKE THE TIME.  Any time you spend on YOU is not stealing from you.  Doesn’t that make sense?

Get on the webinars, and don’t multitask. Take classes from people, start a better exercise or eating program, meditate, etc.  Do what you have already been inspired to do.

I think taking the time to make yourself better, and listen to what your body and mind need, will make you a better job seeker.  I double-dog dare you to really take care of yourself, instead of neglecting yourself until you have landed.  Don’t wait.  Do it now.