When do you do your best work?

I do my best writing in the morning.  I like to get at least one blog post cranked out early… if I do it in the morning I think the quality of the post is better.  I have less distractions then, than later.

I have come to cherish the mornings as a time to get my best and most important work done.

About a year ago I realized there was other important stuff I needed to do, which typically took too long to do.  I was saving it until after my “best time.”  The immediate result was prolonging the project, and all the the gunk you get with procrastination.

So I decided to use my best time, the morning, for those projects.  Guess what happened?  They got done quickly, and well!

I’m definitely not a night owl… I am out of mental energy by the evening, and if I have to work late I pay for it the next couple of days.  But if you are a night owl, and you do your best work at night, then capitalize on that time!

The lesson for me, and the message to you, is to recognize when you are the sharpest and most efficient, and do the most important tasks then. Don’t use this time for low-value tasks, or busy-work tasks.  Use this optimal time to accomplish the most important things you have on your list!