50 Google Searches to See If The Writing Is On the Wall

It was cool to see my friend on the Huffington Post.  Looks like this was her third article there: 50 Google Searches to Avoid a Layoff or Bad Employer


As you look through Susan’s 50 suggestions, it looks kind of dooms-dayish and depressing. You are looking for bad news or dirt on a company.

Before I was laid off I saw and read the proverbial “writing on the wall.”  But I just didn’t believe it.  It wasn’t believable until the moment I heard, over the phone, that I was being laid off.

It just seemed surreal.  It seemed like a bad dream.  “It couldn’t happen to me,” I thought.

But it could, and it did.  The writing was there, real, and true.

If you think you see writing on the wall you might have it confirmed by a few of Susan’s 50 search suggestions.  (But if you don’t get any results from those search queries, it doesn’t mean that your gut instinct is wrong)