Welcome PBS Readers!

Last week PBS published an article written by Ask The Headhunter (aka Nick Corcodilos) titled Ask The Headhunter: Two Job Hunting Resources I Don’t Hate. The first of the two is JibberJobber!  

Nick and I met in person a few years ago at the National Resume Writer’s Association conference, and we’ve communicated over the years about the happenings in the career space.  I did an Ask The Expert call with him and I’ve always appreciated his no-nonsense approach.  He isn’t afraid to “tell it like it is.”  To have him write that article, and speak so positively about JibberJobber, was really flattering.

I didn’t realize how many people read PBS.org… wow!  So to all of you who have come from there, welcome!  We hope you can stay a while 🙂

(congrats to the Evil HR Lady, who is the other resource he doesn’t hate (her blog, her Inc. column))

Read Nick’s article here: