Emergency Job Search Tips during the Gov’t Shutdown

Here is a great post by Kathy Troutman titled Emergency Job Search Tips from Kathryn Troutman.

The first is to keep your resume up to date.  Great tip.

The second is to have a LinkedIn Profile (and have it up to date).  Great tip.

The third is to create a private industry resume ready (her audience is mostly those who want a federal job).  Great tip.

The fourth is to keep up with current job descriptions. Excellent tip, and one reason why we put the ZipRecruiter feature in JibberJobber.

The fifth is to simulate a job search.  Great tip.

Look folks, don’t sit around waiting for solutions.  If you are tired of being a pawn in political games perhaps it is time to look for a job in <gasp> private industry.

I know a lot of people go to gov’t jobs because of the safety/security… but I’ve seen how that goes.  I’m not saying to move away from a government job but I am saying to prepare, and Kathy’s five points are great.