Awesome Cold Pitch from a Job Seeker (to CareerCloud)

careercloud_logoMy friends at CareerCloud aren’t hiring, but they got an unsolicited pitch they loved.  Check it out here: We Just Got a Great Cold Pitch Jobseeker Email That Everyone Should Read

This is a great pitch because of many reasons.  It is short, it talks about some pain points of both the job seeker (who is not the right fit for his current job) and the market (going towards social media), and is very honest.

In the intro paragraph he says what the (his) problem is, and why he would fit in well at CareerCloud (without saying those exact words):

My name is XXXXXX and I am fairly new to Recruiting but have entered this field in a company whose processes and approach were designed to serve the old economy. As you can imagine, my frustration has only fueled my need to work in an environment that is striving to adapt with this new social/mobile driven business model you’re growing at CareerCloud.

Read the rest here.  The candid message is refreshing.  Can you think of someone you would send something similar to?