Most Gorgeous Online Profile I Remember Seeing… Ever (Joe Delghingaro)

joe_delghingaro_headshotOkay, this is AWESOME.  Recently I got in touch with Joe Delghingaro, who is currently in transition. Joe is a professional accountant/business analyst.  He is “highly mobile,” according to his profile… you can probably see that with his current location (Tennessee) and the area code of his phone (303 – Colorado).

Joe sent me a few emails and he is clearly very analytical, has great suggestions, and a great sense of humor. Then, I went to his website (which, of course, is his name: and was blown away.

Go check it out, let me know what you like.  Here are things I like:

  1. Joe is smart enough to get his own domain.  Please tell me you got yours…?
  2. It is CLEAN.  It is really just one page.  The menu on the left is easy to figure out, and there isn’t really anything here except high-value content.
  3. I love the picture of Joe and his wife (I assume that is his wife… he told me he is married).
  4. Before I scroll down I see his title… while this isn’t a tagline (a tagline would help here), it’s clear what he’s looking for, or what he specializes in.
  5. I like the top narrative in the gray box. I think it can be worded stronger, but it’s really good.  I also like the map of the US and says he is willing to relocate.
  6. I like how he makes it EASY to communicate with him… scroll down to the personal information area and you’ll find it quite easy to reach out. (I would put this up higher, to the right of his picture)
  7. I love his experience section, and how fleshed out it is.

I love… the rest.  I love it all.

Clean, informational, easy to reach him.  This is AWESOME.  Great job Joe!

Click here to check out his site: