New Feature: Edit data in the List Panel view

This is one of two requests on the List Panel that people have been asking for for years.  It wasn’t easy to do and it kept getting bumped on our list of priorities… but it’s now done!  This is really, really cool!

Basically, this gives you the ability to edit your data from the List Panel, which means you can do a filtered search (show me all the hiring managers in Cincinnati) and use that list to make calls from.  If you want to edit any of those records you can do it the old way (open the record, then edit from there, OR go to the edit view), or now, you can simply double click the box of the thing you want to edit (like First Name) and edit it from right there… !

Here’s how it works. Let’s say I do a search and find this record in the List Panel:


I know the phone number is wrong, so I simple double click anywhere in the gray area and it opens up a box so I can edit just that cell:


I simply save it and it’s not updated.


This is really, really cool.  It makes it much easier and quicker to update your data!

You know you can do the same thing from the Detail Page, right?  Just mouse over the value/field and if you see a gray background appear, double click to edit!