Organize a job search with JibberJobber: WHY?

Recently I’ve been craving a book by Victor Villasenor.  He is a fantastic author and I read a trilogy he wrote about his parents a few years ago… I was totally captured by his writing style and his story.

I read two in English and one in Spanish.  The one I read is Spanish was much richer than the two in English (which were still very awesome).

For about a year I’ve felt inspired to beef up my Spanish skills. I lived in Latin America for six years and LOVE Spanish.  At one point people thought I was a native speaker, since I had no gringo accent.  This inspiration/craving has been gnawing at me… and so I found Rain of Gold, by Victor, and started reading it.  But I’ve spent HOURS looking in my book cases and boxes in storage from when we moved here from Idaho looking for the Spanish version: Lluvia de Oro.  I just can’t find it.

Have you ever felt that way?  You know you have something, or some bit of information, and you spend hours looking everywhere for it but you just can’t find it?

I’ve done that in my job search, looking for an email or phone number or a name or an email… and I just couldn’t find it.  I’ve spent hours sifting through my email trying to search every way I could figure out, only to find that “that email” didn’t have the information I thought it did.

Hours wasted.

You know when a recruiter calls you and you don’t know what they are talking about (that job you applied to last month), they think you are not interested anymore?  They cross you off the list when in reality you are very interested, you are just disorganized enough that you aren’t prepared to talk right then.

That’s an obvious reason why you should use JibberJobber.

Another reason, though, like my lost books, is to not have to waste hours and hours looking for stuff.

I have  job seeker’s secret I’m going to share with the world.  Sorry for violating any confidences.  Here’s a truth: it’s more comfortable, and easier, to search for something for hours than it is to pick up the phone or email someone.


It can be scary, intimidating, and create anxiety to actually reach out to someone.  Why not just sift through your email all day and avoid human interaction?

It is easier.  Not effective at all, but easier than doing the scary stuff.

I beg you to use JibberJobber to stay organized, and STOP wasting time playing around on your computer, in a day planner, on a calendar, or with sticky notes.  I know things are scary, but you have to do the stuff that will get you closer to the job, and creating and maintaining and tweaking your job search organizational system is wasting your time and pushing that paycheck you hope to to get out there.

Why should you use JibberJobber?  I hope the value you get in time and frustration is clear.  If it’s not, jump on Wednesday’s user webinar.