Favorite Friday: JibberJobber is NOT your Job Search Silver Bullet (even though I wish it was)

I wrote this June 2009: JibberJobber is NOT your Job Search Silver Bullet

Sorry to say, folks, we can’t be the job search silver bullet.

Sure, we solve a lot of problems and frustration in the job search, but we aren’t going to find you your dream job.  Or even a step job to get to the dream job.  We provide solutions to problems, but we aren’t getting you the job.

Here’s a note we got from someone who deleted their account recently:

“I’ve yet to find a job through you.  I’d do better sitting in front of the White House with a tin cup.”

Yeah, you know what, you probably are better off doing that… especially if you login to JibberJobber every day hoping to see a job offer pop up on your screen.

Seriously – what problems do we solve?  Here are the two biggies:

Organizing your job search. I used a spreadsheet to organize my job search, and I quickly outgrew it.  That means it was getting very, very messy.  Columns added here, data added there… it became a hodgepodge of junk that I was spending time trying to decipher.  Sound silly?  Spend a few weeks in an intense job search, networking, and applying to jobs, and your spreadsheet will get confusing – quick!

Managing a job search. Another user said that JibberJobber became his virtual assistant – allowing him to focus on the important stuff while JibberJobber simply kept his stuff in the right place and reminded him of important things he needed to do (like network).

Now, many people use JibberJobber to manage their own network (like a personal relationship manager), or to manage business stuff (like a customer relationship manager)… so it’s definitely not limited to being a job search tool… it’s all about the relationships.

Back to this person’s note to us, though… if you want to switch on the computer and have a tool that delivers jobs to you, good luck.  There will be hundreds of thousands of others who are sitting there waiting for the same job delivered to them.  And then the race is on, to be the person who stands out in a sea of resumes.