How do I import contacts from my iMac into JibberJobber?

When you export your contacts from a Mac, it export all of the records to a single vcf (or vcard, aka business card) file.  Mac exports ALL records to one file, whereas a PC would export one contact to one file.

Personally, I would use a vcf to CSV converter so I can have a csv file that I can edit (in a spreadsheet application). Click here to see what fields and data you might want to edit (in Step 2).

If you don’t want to edit the data in a spreadsheet, simply go to the JibberJobber import page and select  “business card” instead of the default CSV option (in the dropdown).

Either file type will import. CSV is just easier to clean and manipulate before the import.

If you are having problems opening a CSV (like the template we have on the Import page), do a search to see how to open a CSV from a Mac.

(If the vcard import doesn’t work please let us know.  We are not a mac shop but our mac users say it works fine :))