The POWER of Vision

Here’s a great post from Susan Whitcomb titled My New Drug of Choice.

Susan writes:

Visioning is a “drug” – visioning releases dopamine (similar to adrenalin), which enables us not only to see rewards, but to take action toward those rewards.

In my job search I lost my vision (that is, I lot hope, I couldn’t see a path to a brighter future).

When I started working on JibberJobber, and got a vision for what it could become, and how it could help a lot of people, I was reenergized.  It was very exciting!

I didn’t realize I was doping myself, but there was definitely a powerful change.

I wonder if a discouraged job seeker could sit down and create or rewrite their vision, and if that would help them shift gears “to take action toward those rewards.”

What do you think?