James Altucher and Blogging

I have a blogger crush on James Altucher.  I love his story, his advice, and his writing style.  I’ve blogged about him before.

I was reading How To Go From $0 To $1,000,000 In Two Years on TechCrunch and wanted to share this with those interested in job search, career management and personal branding:\

Rule No. 5: Blogging is not about money. Blogging is about trust. You don’t sell ads on your blog (rarely), you don’t get the big book deal (rarely), but you do build trust and this leads to opportunities. In Bryan’s case it led to more inflow, rather than him going door to door, and it also led to his biggest early opportunity. My own blog has made me a total of zero cents but has created millions in opportunities for me.

Blogging is pull marketing.

Providing great content, relevent information, intriguing stories, tips and ideas will bring people to you.

They might end up reading your blog regularly, or they might be a flash in the pan, coming in from a google search.

But when you provide awesome content, you can “become a trusted source” (quoted from right above the excerpt I took out – read the whole article).

Want to have a strong personal brand?