I hate Job Postings – learn what is real and what is junk

There is a post on Brazen Life (aka, Brazen Careerist) that breaks down job postings, also called job “ads.”   This is worth your while to read, even if you don’t spend time on online job boards.

How to Decipher Job Ads So You Actually Know What You’re Applying For

Amanda Abella breaks down the job postings into five different types… read her post for the details:

  1. Legit direct-hire ads posted by the company hiring for the job
  2. Positions posted by placement agencies and career consultants
  3. Scam ads that aren’t for real jobs (they just want your money)
  4. Ads for non-salaried, commission-only jobs
  5. Postings for temporary or contract jobs

I spent much time getting frustrated using job boards… and one of my major frustrations was finding I had applied to postings that weren’t real… !