JibberJobber: The Information Hub for your Job Search

On a recent user recently one of the attendees referred to JibberJobber as the “information hub for the job search.”

I loved that for two reasons:

  1. When I started JibberJobber I wanted it to be the central place for your job search intelligence… contacts, follow-up, target companies, etc.  Theperson describing JibberJobber as the information hub for the job search got what I hoped for seven years ago!
  2. Having others tell you how they perceive you is really critical.  To have THEM come up with those words, instead of me coming up with those words, is powerful for marketing.

Yes, JibberJobber should be the long-term hub for your job search and all of your career management.

My questions to you:

How are others describing YOU?  Is it the way you want them to?

If they talk about it about you the way you want them to, was that because you did something intentional, or is it just because?