Can I TRUST You? (I am your interviewer, new contact, old friend, etc.)

I think LinkedIn has made the phrase “know and trust” more popular than it already was.

I want to talk about TRUST.

I was reading an article titled Google Keep’s Already Shaky Ground because I like to learn from (a) what Google is doing, and (b) what people think about it.

I was struck by this line:

And yet, Google thinks users will now trust our notes to its cloud, after previous shutdowns of similar services like Google Notebook or Google Bookmarks Lists?

The message the author is saying is: why would trust Google with my valuable thoughts and notes and clips in their new service, supposedly like Evernote, when I’ve trusted them before and THEY FAILED ME?

In other words people are saying: I TRUSTED Google before, but when they announced they were shutting down services I used I lost some trust.  And now they want me to trust them with other stuff?  How long will it last?

Let’s bring this to YOU.  As a job seeker, business owner, networker… do you have integrity?

If you say something, do people trust you?

If you promise something, or endorse something, or introduce me to someone, can I TRUST you?

If you are having problems networking, and you are doing the mechanics the right way, and your heart is in it (so, I’m assuming you are doing all the right things), maybe your problem is TRUST.

EITHER you haven’t established a relationship of trust with your connections, OR you’ve done something (or someone has said something) to chip away at that trust.

If I can trust you I’ll help you.

If I can’t trust you then I won’t help you.


How do you do this?

By having genuine, authentic relationships.  But don’t go and say you are genuine and authentic… that makes a skeptic like me tend to not believe you.

Build trust by being a good person.

Do what you say you will.

Go the extra mile.

All those cliche things.  But if you do them, and it becomes you, it’s not cliche.  It is integrity.

And I LOVE working with people who have integrity.  I’ll help them as much as I can.

And you will too.

Do people trust you?