CareerCloud – Social Resumes: Interview with Chris Russell

This post is epic for me.  About 6 1/2 years ago Chris introduced me to the blogosphere.  I launched JibberJobber on Saturday, May 15, 2006 and on Monday Chris had a blog post on a blog that I think doesn’t exist anymore, with an interview.  I was giddy and honored.

Today I finally get to return the favor as Chris has just launched Social Resumes, which is at CareerCloud.  Below are the questions/answers, and at the bottom is a one minute video on what social resumes means.  Enjoy!

1. What is CareerCloud?

Our mission is to help job seekers connect with employers through social and mobile technology. We’re building a variety of cool web tools and apps for job seekers to help them stand out and get ahead in a competitive job market. The first two products are our Social Resume system and the Hidden Jobs App.

2. How does the Social Resume work and why should job seekers use it?

Our system lets anyone with multiple social media accounts sync them all on one page. Users can aggregate their Linkedin, Twitter feed, Facebook page, Foursquare and Google Plus accounts.

Since your paper resume is what you did, your Social Resume is who you are. Employers want to know what you’re like. Things that you say and do on social media give them a peek inside your character. An increasing number of companies are using social media to help evaluate you as a candidate so its in your best interest to be proactive and show them your social resume as well.

Our platform lets you stand out as a job seeker and promote yourself. Each user gets their own unique URL (just like Linkedin), and plenty of tools and badges to share and promote yourself across social media. You can even use the ‘Social Apply’ form to proactively send it to an employer if you know their email address.

3. Tell us about your apps?

Our first job seeker app lets you discover and read articles about companies in your state which have announced future hiring plans. Its available for iOS users and works on all their devices iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. Just select your state and read about thousands of new jobs coming your way. It also helps you google the company and offers push alerts for up to five states.

4. What else are you planning?

Oh lots of good stuff. Next up will be a way to network with your friends and see what jobs their companies have open.

5. Why are you so passionate about helping job seekers?

Its in my blood. After I graduated college I’ve always been interested in the job search process. I even got my start moonlighting as a resume writer! Along the way I learned that technology can be helpful in finding a job. So it was a natural fit for me. Since no one teaches you how to job hunt, there needs to be tools for us to use that make finding a job more efficient (and maybe even fun). I hope to bring that passion and innovation to the social recruiting space. So stay tuned for lots of new tools from CareerCloud.

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