Case Study: Bryan Braun Getting His Dream Job

At the end of this very exciting story are Bryan Braun’s three tips:

  1. Be Bold.
  2. Be Lucky.
  3. Be Ready.

Aren’t those so cliche? So cliche they are meaningless.

But, this isn’t a story about cliche.  This is a story about awesomeness.  And Bryan doesn’t just throw those three ideas out there without having done/lived them.

Check out the entire story here: Bryan Braun: In which I explain how I got my dream job.  Bryan wrote this post in September 2012, in the thick or this years-long crummy economy. You know, the economy where it’s so hard to get a job?

Yes, it is hard to get a job.  But if you are really bold, and lucky and ready, maybe you can get your “dream job.”

Please read Bryan’s account.  It’s more meaningful than what I could write.

Here are my thoughts: Many people will be bold.  But not up to the point of shaving your head.  And that’s kind of the beginning of Bryan’s boldness.

How many people will be bold enough to make their head a replica of their target company’s logo?  Bryan was bold enough to do that.

And he was bold enough to create a media campaign, including paying money for very targeted Facebook ads which got in front of his audience, and caused a commotion to the point where people were talking about him.

Bryan was lucky and ready for an interview, but then circumstances paused the whole thing, for MONTHS.

But Bryan remained ready, and when it was the right time, he was the right guy.

Did he have a brand within the company?  Like no other candidate, I bet.

When it was the right time, I bet he was on THE TOP of the lists.

And he landed his dream job.

Very cool Bryan Braun, very cool.  You deserve what you got because you were bold and you executed.  You were patient and you followed-up.  You were ready and you delivered.

Awesome.  Even in a bad economy.

How bold are YOU going to be?

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