Can Job Seekers Still Be Enthusiastic? YES! Read This….

I LOVE getting positive feedback.  Actually, I love getting negative feedback (because it helps me know what to improve/change/polish).

But yeah, the positive stuff is super cool.

Here’s a message we got through our Contact page… is this awesome or what??  From Anne S. in Chicago:

I just signed up for JJ and completed the 9 part webinar and it’s the FIRST TIME I ACTUALLY LISTENED TO A WEBINAR IN ITS ENTIRETY!

I am (potentially) without a job starting in November and it’s overwhelming to think about the administration of the networking/search activities, let alone deal with all the other emotions and tasks.

Which is why I am RELIEVED to have stumbled across your product on LinkedIn.

I am UBER impressed with this CRM-like tool, having been through the customization of this type of database in my current role and knowing how important user acceptance is for overall adoption.

I am charged up and ready to roll forward with your career management software and I plan to tell everyone else about Jibber Jobber!

You can also expect that I will send along a feature enhancement or two as a repayment for giving this tool away for free.

Thanks for losing your job six years ago so that you could help others by pursuing your own dream.

Sincerely — Anne S. (Chicago)

Anne, thank you for making this business worth it.

Aside from being a viable business, we have other goals:

We want to help people like you feel less overwhelmed.

We want people like you feel RELIEVED.

We want to UBER impress people like you!

We want you to tell everyone about JibberJobber!

We definitely want you to send us feature enhancement requests.

And you are welcome not only for losing my job, but for being a crummy ineffective job seeker who no one would hire 😉