Awesome Business Cards! Justin Pelletier in San Antonio

I got a delightful email this week from someone who saw me talk about a year ago in San Antonio.  Justin Pelletier is an account executive going through a transition.  He shared his new business cards, based on some things I shared with him in the presentation.  What do you think?  I’ll tell you what I love about this below the image.

I LOVE the color choices.  Things just pop out… in addition:

  1. Lots of white space.  People say they like to write on business cards but sometimes there is too much writing and they can’t. I agree with that.  I also like how he chose to NOT put every characteristic about him on the card, which I think just adds noise.
  2. COOL titles!  They are different… and include: Future Employee, Sometimes Wears a Bowtie, Sales and Marketing Strategist, and Has a Better Business Card Than Me.  3 plays on HUMOR, and one that supports his professional brand.  I LOVE IT!
  3. On the back, he PROMPTS you to take notes so you have the meeting in context. I love this… it shows what kind of relationship he wants, and what kind of networker he might be (he’s setting the bar high, as I would expect him to FOLLOW UP with me).
  4. Check out the options at #4… “Let’s:”… and then there is only one option: Get together again!  Isn’t that cool?

Great job Justin, I love it!  These will be very memorable business cards, and people will talk about them!

For more, check out Justin Pelletier’s LinkedIn Profile.