Forbes: The Best Websites For Your Career? Pls Nominate JibberJobber :)

I don’t do this often but I’d love to ask you to nominate JibberJobber (and my other stuff) to the Forbes “best websites for your career” thingy.  I don’t think it’s a contest, but what I’ve found is that if you don’t pitch and promote and ask and nominate, you get left off the list.

In other words, whether JibberJobber is the best personal relationship manager, career relationship manager, job search organizer or not, if you don’t let Forbes know about it, they won’t list it.

So please, leave a comment on their post, email their contact, and just let them know that we’re that awesome 🙂

Here’s the post to leave a comment on: Call For Nominations: The Best Websites For Your Career

At the bottom of that post it says you can also email Forbes to let them know about my stuff:

Also, you can tweet it to @JacquelynVSmith

What should you recommend and nominate and promote?

JibberJobber.  JibberJobber launched more than six years ago. I know I’m biased in saying it, but I’ll say it: it is the best tool to organize and manage a job search.

Some people think this blog is JibberJobber… but no, JibberJobber is an application you use to enter information, get information, etc.  It’s really quite awesome.

The JibberJobber blog. You are reading the JibberJobber blog right now.  I’ve been writing here for over six years.  Some posts are amazing (see my Favorite Friday posts).  Some are okay.  Most are helpful to job seekers, even if I recommend hard or scary stuff.

My LinkedIn blog. I wrote a book on LinkedIn, and have a DVD on how to get more value out of LinkedIn, and I’ve been writing tips, tricks and thoughts about using LinkedIn for years.  The blog is free and powerful.

Please nominate any or all three of those resources… THANK YOU 🙂

Oh yeah… don’t stop at Forbes… please take these three resources with you to your network meetings and let others know about them.  Thank you!!